About IS2CP Inc.

IS2CP creates structured finance programs with our partners for funding small cap projects. We have developed a number of innovative models to help client companies significantly mitigate financial risk while moving their projects forward. These models are secured so that there is no risk to principal, and guarantee minimum interest rates to the partners. The net result is a disruptive mechanism for alternative investment into small cap programs (typically under $100 million).

Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Environmental Responsibility

The firm takes its social responsibility seriously. We focus on building and enhancing agricultural and environmental activities throughout our communities. Part of our "good business" strategy calls for the continued betterment of our local families.

Our Global Presence

IS2CP Inc. operates offices in the U.S. (New Jersey, Boston, Los Angeles), BERMUDA, and ASIA (PHILIPPINES).

IS2CP operates as a leading structured finance company catering to the needs of emerging markets by providing assistance with complex capital transactions and structures that cannot be readily addressed through conventional funding sources and programs.


To be a leading structured finance company supporting the needs of small cap projects in emerging markets while delivering strategies and opportunities to our clients normally available only to major market players.

  • Structured Finance
  • Structured Settlement
  • Fund Management
  • Resort Development
  • Media Content Monetization
  • Early Stage Technology Enterprise
IS2CP - Mission of the firm

IS2CP, Inc. seeks to create innovative financial models and tools that redefine the risk/reward profile to the client. Certain of these products are expected to be Disruptive - and time will tell. IS2CP structured models are straightforward, understandable by the client, supported by the major rating agencies, contained in terms of risk and exposure, and Global in scope.

Senior staff have deep expertise in the financial space, and have a history of creating innovative tools and products optimized for inject fresh capital into specific financial markets while providing solid risk/return profiles for the investor. IS2CP products offer relatively lower level investors (i.e. less than $50 Million) the opportunity to invest in programs commensurate with those typically available only to the largest players, and to do so on a global scale. Further, the investor is working with a small, experienced, and focused team, as opposed to a major financial conglomerate. The IS2CP family of products is targeted to the well-defined investor, and there is a concerted effort to respond to specific pain-points that a given customer may have. These pain points will often be different for different customers leading to a customizable set of features for a given financial program.

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A registered US government contractor with DOD (Department of Defense), FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation), AND NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization).